The Enthusiast’s Guide to the Swiftest, Best-Handling 2018 Ford Mustang GT


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The long-time fans of Ford’s iconic pony car may have noticed an enticing nugget of information in our post exploring the 2018 model’s offerings. We’re talking about the Mustang GT’s recent update, which brought a whole slew of new equipment and engine upgrades. But even with Drag Strip Mode, it’ll take some extra equipment to hit that sub-four second sprint to sixty.

Starting off with your standard 2018 Mustang GT will get you some pretty impressive gear right off the bat. Port fuel and direct injection added to the 5.0-liter “Coyote” V8 has returned 460 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque—making it the most powerful Mustang yet. With Drag Strip mode engaged, that power peak remains constant for some truly blistering acceleration, and the standard six-speed manual will put your shifting skills to the test every time you decide to play.

But if you want to play in the “even-faster” lane, equipping your Mustang GT with the Performance Pack, MagneRide Damping Suspension, and ten-speed automatic transmission will provide the hardware. Yes, we know going automatic will probably turn some of you off, but the quicker shifts make quite a difference. Add on the MagneRide option pilfered from the GT350 and the athletic chassis tuning and continuously-adaptive four-corner suspension, and you will discover in no uncertain terms that even the wildest of horses have a bite worth fearing.

Not all the awesome gear on the Mustang GT’s options sheet is meant to provide zest, though. In fact, the Active Valve Performance Exhaust system might be seen as the opposite—enabling a Quiet Mode to dull the Coyote’s gruff tones to the hum of the average household dryer. But before you accept thanks from your neighbors, give the Shaker Pro equipment bundle a peak. Thrumming bass may not endear you to your fellow suburban dwellers, but when you hit the track, the complimentary 12 inch LCD Digital Instrument Display will make that splurge a non-issue.

The 2018 Mustang GT is but the sixth generation of a proud family of legendary performance cars, and the latest might trump them all. But when it comes to the subjective bond between man and machine, it’s up to you see if this is your flavor of muscle. To find out, schedule a test drive with our Ford dealership in Henderson, TX, and you’ll know soon enough!

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