Ford teams up with EksoWorks to create an exoskeleton for factory workers

When we mention advanced safety technologies, usually we're alluding to the features that are available on many new Ford models. Examples include forward collision warning, blind spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking. Today, though, we want to write about an advanced technology that is actually being used by workers who build the Ford cars, trucks, SUVS, and crossovers that you love to drive.

It's no surprise that a lot of components go into building a vehicle and assembly line workers who take care of the underside of cars have a very demanding job because they are lifting their arms so much. In fact, on average their arms go up 4,600 times a day and 1 million times per year!

When you consider how much your arms can burn simply putting up shower curtain liners, just imagine what's like for them.

To help cut down on injuries and day-to-day fatigue, Ford partnered with EksoWorks to build an EksoVest that helps lessen the strain. It does so by taking on 5-15 pounds of the weight, which makes it much easier to complete the tasks. Ford has even noted that jobs are getting done faster and workers are happier. A win-win for everyone!

Bruce Hettle who is the VP of Ford Group was quoted saying “Building vehicles is physically a tough job. We care about our employees and are trying to help them do their jobs with the least amount of wear and tear on their bodies possible.”

As a reminder, Henry Ford was the first person to build a moving assembly line in 1913, and over 100 years later the company is still working to revolutionize their methods!

If you're eager to buy a car from a company that not only builds excellent vehicles but also cares about their workforce, stop into our dealership this week!


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